Our company is specialized in trucking across Russia and abroad by small and heavy-duty vehicles. For trucking, we use in-house vehicles, as well as contract vehicles of our proven partners. Employees of our transportation shop have more than 10 years of experience.

There are vehicles of any capacity available
up to 2 t, up to 5 t, up to 10 t, and up to 22 t

Cargo volume
1 to 92 m3

Body type
tent, van, ref, open and flatbed trucks

Dockload transportation, formation and
delivery of prefabricated cargoes

Deferred payment option available
to regular customers

We will obtain an insurance policy for
the cargo upon request

Order progress monitoring at all stages of transportation

We track the vehicle location 24/7 via a satellite tracking system.

Skillfully, efficiently
and on   time

We pursue an adequate pricing policy and offer a custom approach to addressing the cargo transportation issues. Our ultimate goal is long-term cooperation.

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for cargo transportation

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