We have been producing profiles for plasterboard since 2012

We are among the top  Russian manufacturers


employees work
for our company

35-5 million

running meters of profiles for
plasterboard produced per month

>200000 km

roads traveled by our
trailers per month on average

>2500 tons of steel

processed per


20-ton trucks with our
products shipped per month


contracts concluded
in 200 cities and 5 countries worldwide

Процесс производства

Cutting of coils
into steel strip

The metal is delivered to the plant in coils.For use in profile production, we cut it into strips using an innovative longitudinal metal cutting line.

The process of cutting a 5 tons’
bale takes 30-40 minutes.

Процесс производства

Profile formation

To form the profile, we place the strip on the unwinder and insert it into the mill guides. Special mill rollers form rib stiffeners, create perforations, as well as bend shelves and locks. Then the profile passes through the cutters and is cut in equal parts.

Процесс производства


The formed profile is transferred to the operator’s packing table. With the help of the packaging machine, the operator forms briquettes, which are subsequently stacked into pallets.

Pallets are placed on bars, tied with special polypropylene tape, and transported to the warehouse by forklift.

Процесс производства

Profile loading

For successful transportation, we distribute the load in the vehicle evenly in accordance with the approved arrangement scheme. After that, the products are fastened to the platform to avoid movement of pallets with the profile around the car.

Процесс производства


We deliver products by our own vehicles to any point, and satellite tracking system allows for 24/7 online monitoring.

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